Cedar Mobility Provides Cold Weather Tips

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Buffalo, NY   (January 2, 2018) – With the recent record breaking cold holding the region in a deep freeze, the Center for Transportation Excellence, LLC, (CTE), the region’s largest fleet services provider, released cold weather tips to ensure motorists stay safe.

“It has been several years since we have seen a cold snap of this severity and of this length,” said Operations Manager Brian Dadswell.  “Being prepared in the event of an emergency is more important than ever in this weather, as resources across the board are stretched.”

According to the CTE, motorists should pay special attention to a few key items, as well as having some critical supplies in their vehicle.

Fleet Services Director Russell Larsen stated that keeping at least half of a tank of fuel is very important.

“Keeping as much fuel in your vehicle is not about keeping the fuel from freezing,” said Larsen.  “It’s more about keeping you from freezing; being able to keep your vehicle running, and more importantly warm should your vehicle become disabled.  Keep warm, call for help, and sit tight unless it is unsafe.”

“As the cold weather snap continues, we tend to become complacent thinking that the risk is lower,” according to Dadswell. “Not having extra gloves, boots, or a hat in these conditions could be fatal in a short period of time.   Keeping additional supplies like hand warmers, bottles of water, granola bars and a cell phone charger are also must-haves.”

Larsen also added that special attention should be given to those with mobility issues.

“Anyone who uses a mobility assistance device, such as a cane, walker or wheelchair, depend on clear paths that are as snow and ice free as possible. Remember that when thinking about whether the parking lot needs shoveling, or the walkway needs to have some salt put down. What is considered a ‘nuisance’ snow to someone without mobility issues could be a significant hazard to someone who does.”

The CTE also suggests keeping on eye on the forecast, checking on the latest road conditions, and subscribing to local news and traffic alerts through NITTEC ( before heading out on the roadway.

For more information on the Center for Transportation Excellence, or to find out more fleet services, mobility management, or clean energy, please call (716) 898-7969 or visit

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