Cedar Mobility Reminds Motorists – Be Prepared for Winter!

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Buffalo, NY   (December 5, 2017) – The Center for Transportation Excellence, LLC, (CTE), the region’s largest fleet services provider, reminds the public that it is never too late to prepare for winter driving.

“Our first significant snowfall is almost upon us,” said Operations Manager Brian Dadswell.  “Taking a few minutes to be prepared for the conditions that you may experience may save you time and inconvenience, or literally save your life.”

According to the CTE, there are several precautionary steps and safety measures that should be taken to lessen the impact of a potential major snow event for those on the roadway.

Fleet Services Director Russell Larsen stated that taking the time to visually inspect your vehicle will go a long way.

“Do a complete walk-around of your vehicle before the snow starts to fly,” said Larsen.  “Check your tires and wipers, double check your washer fluid level, have at least ¾ of a tank of fuel, and make sure you have your winter ‘survival’ kit in your vehicle.  Make sure your phone is charged, and clean your windows of any snow or ice before you head out.”

Once the weather moves in, Dadswell provides additional reminders, such as reducing speed, increasing your distance between vehicles, and adhering to public safety officials.

“We tend to minimize the impact that these weather events have on our vehicles and the roads,” he said. “If it is snow covered, or looks wet, assume you will need extra time and distance to maneuver your vehicle.  It is also critical to be aware of any travel advisories or bans that may be instituted.  These restrictions are a safety measure to not only allow the road crews the best opportunity to service the roads, but will reduce the potential for life threatening issues that may occur if someone is stranded.”

The CTE also recommends subscribing to emergency alerts through your local municipality, and have a source for road closure information, such as

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