Mobility Management

Cedar Mobility can provide a one stop solution for any organization or events transportation needs. At the Cedar Mobility, we specialize in custom crafting solutions, tailored to fit the goals for each client, regardless if the solution is for a one-time event or ongoing service, small town or big city. While the Cedar Mobility’s solutions are client specific, we find our services often break down into larger categories, events and continuing Services.


The Cedar Mobility is a specialist in working on crafting solutions for all varieties of events from local race shuttles to international sports tournaments. We recognize that logistics and transportation management is often the most critical and most challenging aspect to successful events. Our organization can bring our resources to bear on a solution that not only enhances the quality of the event but also reduces cost by eliminating waste.

Our event services are perfect for:

  • Major Events
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Retreats/Meetings
  • Sporting Events

Contracted Services:

Cedar Mobility since 2009 has specialized in creating ongoing solutions for organizations struggling with transportation challenges. The Cedar Mobility has created solutions for dozens of organizations across the US for passenger logistics. Our areas of specialty include:

  • College Inter Campus transportation for students and faculty.
  • Large organization employee or parking lot shuttle services.
  • Participant logistics and transportation management for Intellectual and Physical Disability Organizations.
  • School District Bus Consulting
  • Medicaid and Managed Medicaid Transportation Management
  • Signature Service- our exclusive offering for Hospital Systems and Managed Care Organizations for enhancing access to care and increasing patient flow and satisfaction.